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Digitize your HR processes in no time with these best-practice templates

Press, SAP Fiori im HCM, scdsoft Lösungen / 31.07.2023

Selected HR processes included as best-practice templates in the functional scope of the scdsoft Process Engine. Digital transformation in HR is essential these days. The integration of self-services into everyday work plays a significant role here, as they can contribute…

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scdsoft Password-Reset Self-Service for SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori im HCM, scdsoft Lösungen / 14.02.2022

In many companies, it is still common for employees, managers, and works council members to log in to the respective Employee Self-Service (ESS) or Manager Self-Service (MSS) using their SAP username and password. Password reset can be a significant manual…

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New Application: scdsoft Fiori Launchpad News App

SAP Fiori im HCM, scdsoft Lösungen / 21.07.2021

Display news and maintenance notifications prominently in the SAP Fiori Launchpad We have developed a new SAP Fiori application that allows you to provide various information to users immediately after they log in to the SAP Fiori Launchpad. Functionalities and…

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Digital HR processes are becoming a necessity

SAP Fiori im HCM, scdsoft Lösungen / 25.01.2021

The necessity of offering versatile HR processes through a digital channel has become evident to many companies for several months. Working from home has clearly highlighted this need. Many so-called “quick wins” can already be achieved with SAP’s own tools…

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Easily record time entries via smartphone

SAP Fiori im HCM, scdsoft Lösungen / 11.06.2020

The topic of time tracking has become more prominent in recent months due to the ruling of the European Court of Justice (ECJ). Despite flexible working time models and widespread trust-based working hours, some companies are reverting to time tracking…

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Digitize and automate HR processes consistently

Industry & Trends, SAP Fiori im HCM, scdsoft Lösungen / 28.05.2020

Implement HR processes digitally and flexibly Especially in times when the HR department needs to focus intensively on its core competencies like payroll processing, employee concerns, and routine tasks often take a back seat. This can disrupt workflows and leave…

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SAP Fiori interfaces for the “Overtime Request” add-on solution

SAP Fiori im HCM, scdsoft Lösungen / 06.05.2020

SAP Fiori interfaces are now available SAP HCM add-on solution for simplified ESS requests for overtime and approval of applications The scdsoft Overtime Request supports the entire application and approval process and is available for employees, managers, business partners, and…

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HR self-services as a building block of the digitalization strategy

SAP Fiori im HCM, scdsoft Lösungen, Success Stories / 19.02.2020

Introduction of ESS & MSS with SAP Fiori Automation of business processes is increasingly being adopted by companies, with many turning to various IT solutions for assistance. This potential is not limited to production processes; it can also be harnessed…

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Our new Fiori Reporting Cockpit

SAP Fiori im HCM, scdsoft Lösungen / 03.02.2020

“Everything was better in the past.” That may sometimes be true, but whether it applies to everything is a matter of individual judgment. One area where this statement is or was accurate is HR reporting provided to managers. In the…

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Webinar: The SAP Portal as the Hub for HR Services

SAP Fiori im HCM, Trade Fairs & Events / 23.04.2019

Tuesday, May 14, 2019, from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM Learn how an SAP-based HR portal can assist you in reorienting and transforming your HR department. The requirements for the workplace of the future also apply to the HR department.…

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New from the Development Kitchen: Overtime Request

SAP Fiori im HCM, scdsoft Lösungen / 29.11.2018

ESS/MSS Overtime Request SAP HCM Add-On Solution for Simplified ESS Overtime Request and Approval The scdsoft Overtime Request module supports the entire request and approval process and is available for employees, managers, business partners, and works councils. Our add-on solution…

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How PwC Utilizes scdsoft’s Reference Letter Creator

Press, SAP Fiori im HCM, scdsoft Lösungen, Success Stories / 22.06.2018

Reference Letter Generation: Easy, Quick, and SAP-Integrated Companies can save not only unnecessary time but also a lot of legal complications by standardizing the creation of employment certificates. The auditing firm PwC relies on the solution from scdsoft AG. The…

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Product Launch: The Certification Service is Now Available for SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori im HCM, scdsoft Lösungen / 15.06.2018

When creating employee certificates, various legal and operational requirements must be taken into account. With scdsoft’s Certification Service, employees can be provided with various certificates in a central Employee-Self-Service web application that is current and correct in content. The ESS…

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Summer is vacation time… and also holiday time.

SAP Fiori im HCM, scdsoft Lösungen / 13.06.2018

Did you have problems with vacation coordination again? Simplify vacation planning in your company with the scdsoft Vacation Planner. Our SAP HCM Add-On allows for cross-team and cross-department vacation planning, request submission, and approval – in a clear and transparent…

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What is SAP Fiori?

Industry & Trends, SAP Fiori im HCM / 15.11.2017

SAP Fiori is the new user experience (UX) for SAP applications, designed for both on-premises and cloud solutions like SAP SuccessFactors. SAP Fiori combines new user interfaces with advanced technological capabilities. It particularly opens up new use cases for SAP…

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Holiday planning in SAP: simple, fast, and fair

SAP Fiori im HCM, scdsoft Lösungen, Success Stories / 01.04.2015

Holiday planning can be a sensitive topic even in small teams. Inefficient solutions and a lack of transparency make it difficult to manage across the board and create unnecessary work. The larger a company is, the more these problems can…

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