Electronic sick note (eAU) functionalities in the vacation planner

SAP Fiori im HCM, scdsoft Lösungen / 11.11.2022

We have updated our scdsoft vacation planner as part of the eAU process and provided an intermediate release for this purpose.

The sample process we have in mind runs as follows:

  • Employees or supervisors can record illness without a certificate for up to 3 days and can also make corrections or cancellations.
  • Employees or supervisors can record illness with a certificate (or also a work accident), but they cannot change or cancel it after it has been recorded.
  • When recording illness with a certificate, it is mandatory to provide information about whether it is an initial or follow-up certificate. Optionally, employees/managers can also enter exclusion reasons (exceptions).
  • Privately insured individuals must attach a file (medical certificate) to the request.
  • For statutorily insured individuals, the request is automatically approved and recorded after saving. The supervisor is notified by email.
  • Requests from privately insured individuals do not go to the supervisor for approval but to the clerk. The clerk can review the request, view the attached files in the Business Workplace (SAP GUI), and then release the request for recording.
  • When recording, for follow-up certificates, previous records in Infotype 2001 may be extended instead of creating new entries. Similarly, during recording, checks for time events on the first day of illness may be performed. If present, the clerk is notified by email, and illness with a certificate is only recorded from the following day onwards. A sub-day absence may be recorded for the first day (if the clock-in entry is available).

This sample process can be customized to meet specific customer requirements. The closer the process aligns with our sample process, the lower the implementation effort. If the process is to be implemented in Web Dynpro, additional adjustments may be required for capturing initial/follow-up certificates, for example, through custom fields.

The “eAU” functionalities in the leave planner provide the following features:

  • New selection fields for initial or follow-up certificates as well as exclusion reasons (e.g., private physician). Currently offered only in Fiori.
  • Customizing switch: Private insurance policyholders must attach a file (AU) to a sick leave with a medical certificate.
  • Customizing switch: Automatic extension of the predecessor record of an illness when booking a sick leave with a medical certificate with the “follow-up certificate” indicator.
  • Customizing switch: Checking for time events on the first day of sickness. If time events exist, a (sub-daily) substitute absence may be booked for the first day, and the sick leave with a medical certificate will only be booked from the following day.
  • Additionally, the case handler is notified by email of the process (manual re-entry of “going” booking, any corrections, etc.).
  • Sample workflow for handling sick leave with a medical certificate for private patients by the case handler in the Business Workplace (SAP GUI): Approval, approval and revision, rejection.

Prerequisites for using the “eAU” functionalities are:

  • Release 10.0 of the leave planner is installed.
  • The patch transport for “eAU” functionalities is applied.

Download of the patch

  • The holiday planner Rel. 10 Patch 20221110 is available for download here (within the remaining delivery).

Autor: Sean Schröpfer