SAP security and compliance consulting services


SAP Security & Compliance Consulting

We advise you on how to secure your entire SAP system landscape

To serve the high demand for cybersecurity specialists that is caused by the growing threat situation and complexity of SAP technology, we deliver SAP Security & Compliance services.

Targeted attacks on SAP systems are now part of everyday life and are becoming increasingly precise. Confidential company data, especially personnel data, can nowadays only be protected with a great deal of specialized knowledge and time due to the countless and complex configuration settings of SAP systems.

Our services in SAP Security & Compliance

We offer a wide range of services to advise our customers individually and specifically.
With specialized teams we are able to deliver best practice solutions to secure your SAP systems.

SAP Security Monitoring

We enable you to hold highest standards in SAP Security & Compliance, even without dedicated SAP Security resources with specialized know-how inside your organization.

Further services:

  • SAP Penetration Test

    Analyzing the implemented security and compliance mechanisms of your SAP production or QA system.

  • SAP Security & Compliance Audit

    We provide you a detailed overview of the security and compliance level in your SAP landscape.

  • SAP Security Roadmap

    We create a dedicated roadmap that serves as a blueprint for future improvements.

  • GDPR compliance for SAP systems

    We analyze the compliance with the GDPR in your SAP landscape.

  • SAP Mitigation Services

    Full service for fixing vulnerabilities found in your SAP systems.

  • Process improvements for SAP

    We identify inefficiencies and ineffectiveness in your SAP Security & Compliance processes.

Are you sure that your SAP environment is secure?

Our SAP Security Risk Assessment gives you a fast and easy way to analyze and evaluate the current risk situation of your SAP system. We provide you complete transparency about the current risk level in security-relevant areas.

SAP Security Risk Assessment