SAP security and compliance consulting services


SAP Security & Compliance Consulting

We advise you on how to secure your entire SAP system landscape

To meet the high demand for cybersecurity specialists caused by the growing threat landscape and the complexity of SAP technology, we offer you our SAP Security & Compliance Services.

Targeted attacks on SAP systems are now part of everyday life and are becoming increasingly precise. Confidential company data, especially personnel data, can nowadays only be protected with a great deal of specialized knowledge and time due to the countless and complex configuration settings of SAP systems.

Our services in SAP Security & Compliance

We offer a wide range of services to advise our customers individually and specifically.
With specialized teams we are able to deliver best practice solutions to secure your SAP systems.

SAP Security Monitoring

We enable you to hold highest standards in SAP Security & Compliance, even without dedicated SAP Security resources with specialized know-how inside your organization.

Further services:

  • SAP Penetration Test

    Analyzing the implemented security and compliance mechanisms of your SAP production or QA system.

  • SAP Security & Compliance Audit

    We provide you a detailed overview of the security and compliance level in your SAP landscape.

  • SAP Security Roadmap

    We create a dedicated roadmap that serves as a blueprint for future improvements.

  • GDPR compliance for SAP systems

    We analyze the compliance with the GDPR in your SAP landscape.

  • SAP Mitigation Services

    Full service for fixing vulnerabilities found in your SAP systems.

  • Process improvements for SAP

    We identify inefficiencies and ineffectiveness in your SAP Security & Compliance processes.

Are you sure that your SAP environment is secure?

Our SAP Security Risk Assessment gives you a fast and easy way to analyze and evaluate the current risk situation of your SAP system. We provide you complete transparency about the current risk level in security-relevant areas.

SAP Security Risk Assessment

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With smarterSec you improve the security and compliance of your business-critical SAP applications the smart way.

For more information and blog articles, specifically on SAP Security & Compliance, visit the website of our specialists at smarterSec.

DSGVO Assessment and Compliance

Our SAP DSGVO Assessment offers a quick and easy check of whether the current database in your SAP system complies with the DSGVO regulations. We focus in particular on the principles of purpose limitation, data minimization and storage limitation.

Through our automated analysis, we create complete transparency about the current risks within your SAP system in the shortest possible time. Our approach requires no internal effort and no installation on the SAP system.

Which areas of my SAP system are analyzed?

  • Analysis of all HR infotypes
  • SAP user accounts and logon data
  • Data from SAP operations such as application logs or the security audit log
  • Check of the entire DSGVO configuration for completeness and consistency


As a result of the SAP DSGVO Assessment, you receive a detailed report containing all data protection violations found within your SAP system. On this basis, you can determine the urgency and priority of the measures you should take to protect your SAP investment.


  • Quick and easy procedure for DSGVO analysis of your SAP HCM system
  • Detailed audit report with all results of the analysis and a management summary
  • Important recommendations for action to eliminate risks and optimize your SAP HCM system
  • Explanation of the results in a joint final presentation including selected examples of which measures are necessary to avoid DSGVO violations.

What our customers say

"We have been working with scdsoft AG for several years in the area of our SAP HCM Payroll. We value scdsoft as an extremely reliable partner who always provides us with professional, competent and friendly support. For example, we received outstanding support even during a short-term personnel bottleneck. We also use several SAP HCM add-on solutions from scdsoft AG, such as the vacation planner, certification service and the overtime application. Thanks to the automated workflows, we have achieved significant process optimization and greater transparency for our employees."

"We have received consistently positive feedback so far. In particular, the usability with SAP Fiori and the clarity of the "vacation planner" are frequently mentioned. In addition to the productivity gain, the increase in transparency is also praised again and again. scdsoft starts where SAP leaves off."

"The advantages of the Reference Letter Creator are clearly and explicitly visible from the beginning: Due to the add-on solution, the processing time of reference letters that need to be created is reduced significantly."

"Our experience has shown that the Reference Letter Creator can be used by all users without any training measures. The great advantage is that the entire solution can be productively implemented in 4-6 weeks and is available for the user immediately."

"We see a major advantage in the integration between the vacation planning process within a team as well as requesting the vacation. Especially the transparency of the team calendar makes the process much easier."

"Additionally, to the standard documents (LStB, DEÜV) we are providing several other documents to our employees with the certication service. This service, via the SAP Fiori environment, is beeing perceived very positively by our employees. The project amortizes very quickly with all the savings towards the paper processes."

Latest from our blog

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With the scdsoft Process Engine, you not only have the opportunity to digitize various HR processes, but also to significantly increase their speed. By using these ready-made processes, companies can efficiently and smoothly optimize their HR processes and thus save time and resources.

How to avoid viewing sensitive data via direct access to the SAP HCM database.

The introduction of the new Generic Table Browser feature opens up completely new, flexible options for securing access to sensitive data. This is particularly significant in the area of SAP Human Capital Management (HCM), where the protection of personal data is of paramount importance.

SNP and scdsoft bundle expertise for “SAP HCM for S/4HANA” transformations

The two companies want to bundle their expertise in the future and combine their software solutions to offer customers simplified and secure system transformations and switches to SAP S/4HANA. The joint further development of HCM competencies and innovative HCM solutions is also planned.


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