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scdsoft Vacation Planner

SAP HCM add-on solution for a team-oriented vacation planning

The scdsoft Vacation Planner supports the entire process of planning, requesting and approving a leave. Our add-on solution allows requesting a vacation quickly and easily as well as managing leave request among the entire team. The absence and attendance planning also takes home office, customer meetings, business trips and similar appointments into consideration.

Planning, requesting and approving of leave – fully integrated in SAP HCM – mobile with SAP Fiori & on-premise

SAP HCM integrated absence & attendance planning

The Vacation Planner allows an upstream vacation planning within the team. It uses the original data of the absence quota and validates it when planning and requesting new entries.

Variably available

Besides Web Dynpro ABAP (NWBC), the Vacation Planner is also applicable to SAP Fiori. This makes the entire process of planning, requesting and approving flexible and possible on a mobile device.

Team-oriented planning

In order to carry out a detailed planning within the division or the project team – depending on competences and qualifications – several teams can be created specifically. Thus, minimum staffing is assured, simultaneous absence of vacation replacements is prevented and conflicts are being validated as well.

Optimize your process regarding the planning as well as approval of absences and attendances

Process start / Planning / Validation / Request / Approval

Additional features

Integration in MS Outlook / Mobile Application for employees (ESS) and managers (MSS) / Free Team creation among functional aspects / Automatic checks for conflicts along defined rules / validation of minimum staffing / Integrated approval process with automated transfer into info types

What our customers say

"The advantages of the Reference Letter Creator are clearly and explicitly visible from the beginning: Due to the add-on solution, the processing time of reference letters that need to be created is reduced significantly."

"We see a major advantage in the integration between the vacation planning process within a team as well as requesting the vacation. Especially the transparency of the team calendar makes the process much easier."

"Additionally, to the standard documents (LStB, DEÜV) we are providing several other documents to our employees with the certication service. This service, via the SAP Fiori environment, is beeing perceived very positively by our employees. The project amortizes very quickly with all the savings towards the paper processes."

"Our experience has shown that the Reference Letter Creator can be used by all users without any training measures. The great advantage is that the entire solution can be productively implemented in 4-6 weeks and is available for the user immediately."

"Enhancing the SAP standard with smart solutions: In addition to SAP standard applications, several customer-specific ESS apps have been developed. "For sure, we will make a big leap with our employee-documents-app", so Andreas Gessner."

Take a look at our add-on solution Vacation Planner

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Employee-Self-Service scenarios (ESS):

View team calendar  & plan vacation
ESS: Plan vacation

Check vacation days quota & request vacation
ESS: Request vacation

Request home office via Smartphone
ESS: Request home office

Manager-Self-Service scenarios (MSS):

View team calendar & approve requests
MSS: Calendar & approve requests

Approve vacation request via smartphone
MSS: Approve request

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Vacation Planner Websessions

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Vacation Planner

June 18th, 2020
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Vacation Planner quotes

“We see a major advantage in the integration between vacation planning within the team as well as requesting the vacation.”
Uwe Pommerening,
Rudolf Walker,
Conductix-Wampfler GmbH

“The complete integration into SAP standard, which the scdsoft Vacation Planner offers, in this form, was new to us.”
Hella Kreischer, UNI Elektro Fachhandel GmbH & Co. KG


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