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scdsoft Fiori Launchpad News App

Elevate your communication management with the Fiori Launchpad News App: Your gateway to current updates and more.

The Fiori Launchpad News App redefines how companies shape internal communication. With this solution, the SAP Fiori Launchpad transforms into a streamlined internal information hub. It offers immediate display of news, updates, and diverse system messages right after logging in, enabling effective presentation supported by an integrated Rich-Text Editor. The consecutive display of messages, the acknowledgment query of “read and understood” status, and the customization of display parameters facilitate targeted communication and transparency.

The admin view of the app allows the maintenance of new articles, including graphical enhancement. Timeframe, display mode, sorting, and target audience can be defined. Additionally, acknowledgment queries can be configured.

Experience a new era of communication and interaction – the Fiori Launchpad News App establishes an efficient and transparent platform to optimize your corporate communication.

More information as well as screenshots can be found in our blog entry.

scdsoft SAP Fiori Launchpad News App

Effective, Tailored, and Transparent Communication

With the scdsoft Fiori Launchpad News App

Effective Communication

The Fiori Launchpad News App facilitates a direct and prominent display of news, updates, and system messages within the SAP Fiori Launchpad. This encourages timely and efficient information conveyance right after login.

Tailored Approach

The app allows individual customization of display parameters like frequency, duration, and target audience for each message. This enables companies to ensure targeted communication, delivering information precisely to relevant recipients.

Transparency and Logging

The ability to query the acknowledgment of the “read and understood” status, along with the logging of these interactions, ensures transparency and traceability of communication. This feature is especially valuable for adhering to corporate policies and regulatory requirements.

Technical independence

The installation on the SAP Fiori Gateway ensures independence from the SAP HCM backend. This allows you to inform your end users in the SAP Fiori Launchpad even if the SAP HCM backend is not available.

What our customers say

"We have been working with scdsoft AG for several years in the area of our SAP HCM Payroll. We value scdsoft as an extremely reliable partner who always provides us with professional, competent and friendly support. For example, we received outstanding support even during a short-term personnel bottleneck. We also use several SAP HCM add-on solutions from scdsoft AG, such as the vacation planner, certification service and the overtime application. Thanks to the automated workflows, we have achieved significant process optimization and greater transparency for our employees."

"We have received consistently positive feedback so far. In particular, the usability with SAP Fiori and the clarity of the "vacation planner" are frequently mentioned. In addition to the productivity gain, the increase in transparency is also praised again and again. scdsoft starts where SAP leaves off."

"The advantages of the Reference Letter Creator are clearly and explicitly visible from the beginning: Due to the add-on solution, the processing time of reference letters that need to be created is reduced significantly."

"Our experience has shown that the Reference Letter Creator can be used by all users without any training measures. The great advantage is that the entire solution can be productively implemented in 4-6 weeks and is available for the user immediately."

"We see a major advantage in the integration between the vacation planning process within a team as well as requesting the vacation. Especially the transparency of the team calendar makes the process much easier."

"Additionally, to the standard documents (LStB, DEÜV) we are providing several other documents to our employees with the certication service. This service, via the SAP Fiori environment, is beeing perceived very positively by our employees. The project amortizes very quickly with all the savings towards the paper processes."

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Fiori Launchpad News App

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Fiori Launchpad News App

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