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SAP HCM Development & Technology

Smart development opportunities for your SAP HCM landscape

For us, the business division of development & technology is a consequent strategic addition to SAP HCM Consulting and Application Management. In many challenging development projects, we were able to prove our long-time technological expertise to our partners. We support our customers through individually developed concepts that prepare your SAP HCM applications, with new and enhancing developments, for the future.

Our SAP HCM development competences and technology expertise

By developing customer-specific szenarios and processes, we are realizing complex business requirements for your SAP HCM system.

  • ESS/MSS with SAP Fiori

    Implementation of SAP standard self-services with SAP Fiori

  • SAP Fiori and Web Dynpro applications for customer-specific ESS & MSS

    Development of customized applications for your ESS & MSS environment.

  • Interfaces

    Guarantee of a smooth operation between various systems and interfaces.

  • Development of several reports

    Extension of your internal evaluation possibilities with several reports.

  • Development of HR forms

    Development of complex and customer-specific forms.

  • Project-based development support

    Takeover of project developments – whether for a corporation, large company or SME.

What our customers say

"We have received consistently positive feedback so far. In particular, the usability with SAP Fiori and the clarity of the "vacation planner" are frequently mentioned. In addition to the productivity gain, the increase in transparency is also praised again and again. scdsoft starts where SAP leaves off."

"The advantages of the Reference Letter Creator are clearly and explicitly visible from the beginning: Due to the add-on solution, the processing time of reference letters that need to be created is reduced significantly."

"Our experience has shown that the Reference Letter Creator can be used by all users without any training measures. The great advantage is that the entire solution can be productively implemented in 4-6 weeks and is available for the user immediately."

"We see a major advantage in the integration between the vacation planning process within a team as well as requesting the vacation. Especially the transparency of the team calendar makes the process much easier."

"Additionally, to the standard documents (LStB, DEÜV) we are providing several other documents to our employees with the certication service. This service, via the SAP Fiori environment, is beeing perceived very positively by our employees. The project amortizes very quickly with all the savings towards the paper processes."

"Enhancing the SAP standard with smart solutions: In addition to SAP standard applications, several customer-specific ESS apps have been developed. "For sure, we will make a big leap with our employee-documents-app", so Andreas Gessner."