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The scdsoft reference letter creator reaches over 1 million people

scdsoft Lösungen, Success Stories / 17.07.2020

Started as a pilot project in 2008, the scdsoft Reference Letter Creator quickly gained popularity in the DACH region. More and more companies became interested in the SAP HCM Add-On solution for SAP-integrated creation of reference letters. We have now…

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HR self-services as a building block of the digitalization strategy

SAP Fiori im HCM, scdsoft Lösungen, Success Stories / 19.02.2020

Introduction of ESS & MSS with SAP Fiori Automation of business processes is increasingly being adopted by companies, with many turning to various IT solutions for assistance. This potential is not limited to production processes; it can also be harnessed…

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Practice Report: The Vacation Planner at “dm”

scdsoft Lösungen, Success Stories, Trade Fairs & Events / 24.04.2019

During the DSAG working group meeting on “ESS, MSS, Time Management,” dm-drogerie markt presented how the scdsoft Vacation Planner is used for easier and coordinated leave planning. In addition to employees at the Karlsruhe headquarters, all employees in over 1,950…

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How PwC Utilizes scdsoft’s Reference Letter Creator

Press, SAP Fiori im HCM, scdsoft Lösungen, Success Stories / 22.06.2018

Reference Letter Generation: Easy, Quick, and SAP-Integrated Companies can save not only unnecessary time but also a lot of legal complications by standardizing the creation of employment certificates. The auditing firm PwC relies on the solution from scdsoft AG. The…

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Holiday planning in SAP: simple, fast, and fair

SAP Fiori im HCM, scdsoft Lösungen, Success Stories / 01.04.2015

Holiday planning can be a sensitive topic even in small teams. Inefficient solutions and a lack of transparency make it difficult to manage across the board and create unnecessary work. The larger a company is, the more these problems can…

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