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25 years of scdsoft

Press, Team & Office / 27.09.2022

Dear customers, business partners, and friends, We are very proud and delighted to celebrate our 25th anniversary this year. Especially in the current uncertain political and economic situation, we are pleased to inform you that we have successfully continued our…

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The Team & Our Office

Team & Office / 08.11.2018

You’ve always wondered “where” we actually work and where our developers forge the ideas for our add-on solutions, right? Well, it’s definitely not in a dark basement room – quite the opposite, in fact. Our new office, which we moved…

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20th Company Anniversary – We Say Thank You!

Team & Office / 01.10.2017

This year, scdsoft AG is celebrating 20 years of successful existence in the market, and we would like to thank you for your support. In October 1997, we began our first consulting activities in the then SAP R/2 and SAP…

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